Senior Houses

Students who have completed at least one term in Bosworth, are over eighteen years of age, have approval of the College and parental permission, may choose to transfer to one of our senior houses. An atmosphere of independence is fostered under the care and supervision of Bosworth. It is ideal preparation for eventual progression to student life at university. Mostly single bedrooms are available in the senior houses, which are all close to the College and, although the students have the use of a small kitchen, the College continues to provide three meals a day in its dining room. At weekends students may choose to cook some meals for themselves, for example, a house breakfast or late lunch. Throughout the week the student rooms are cleaned and serviced by our team of domestic staff, but students are expected to maintain respectable living standards. On-call supervisors will make random inspections, calling at weekends or in the evenings. Students have strict guidelines to follow and, should the responsibilities of unsupervised accommodation be abused, we will transfer students back to a supervised house.

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