Boarding Houses

There are 6 supervised boarding houses where a house parent and daytime supervisors provide care and support. The buildings all have a secure coded entrance and are centrally heated, providing students with a warm and safe environment where they may relax, study and socialise with their housemates. We provide single or twin rooms, and each bedroom is separately locked.

The size of each house varies, accommodating from eighteen up to forty students. Allocation to a boarding house is based on gender, age and the course the student is studying. House parents, as well as offering welfare support, also ensure that students adhere to the boarding rules, which are age-appropriate. Access to the internet is curtailed at bedtime. House parents will offer younger students greater guidance with respect to laundry routines, personal hygiene, and homework sessions, all of which help to show students, away from home for the first time, how to organise their daily lives. Boarders, other than those in their final year, attend supervised Evening Study Hall sessions on weekday evenings to keep them organised with their studies.

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