Recent Leavers

Minh Quang Dang

Vietnamese| A-level student | A*A*A*A*
Reading Natural Science at the Minerva Schools at KGI

“Life is a journey. You can choose to make it mediocre, or you can craft it an extraordinary one. I chose to embark on a profoundly impactful journey by coming to Bosworth. Here, I’m equipped with knowledge, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

Lois Boyes

British | GCSE & A-level student | A*A*A
Apprenticeship with Vertex and reading Applied Bioscience Technology at the University of Kent

“My time at Bosworth has been an ideal opportunity for me. Small class sizes and supportive teachers have helped me to progress academically, and I appreciated a feeling of positivity and mutual respect.”

Khanh Vu

Vietnamese | A-level student | A*A*AA
Reading Finance at the London School of Economics

“The teaching is wonderful in Bosworth. The teachers not only have great academic knowledge but also take good care of us like our parents.”

Jialu Du

Chinese | A-level student |A*A*BBC
Reading Actuarial Science & Maths at the University of Manchester

“What matters is not what you should do, what you could do, is what you did.”

Gary Abbass

Hong Kong | A-level student | A*A*AA
Reading Biochemistry at University College London

“Bosworth has prepared me for greater things in life and further steps I take in the future.”

Kelvin Choo

Malaysian | A-level student | AAAAA
Reading Law at the University of Warwick

“The impact that Bosworth has made on me is that it has been a catalyst of my transition from teenage life to youth.”

Corey Markie

British | GCSE & A-level student | AAAb
Reading Medicine at the University of Sheffield

“Bosworth has really shaped me as a person. Over the four years that I have been here I have gained resilience and maturity. During my final year, Bosworth has prepared me for university in ways that I will forever be thankful for. From teaching to the extracurricular activities, Bosworth has been nothing but first-class. I will never forget the opportunities that I’ve been given here.” “She believed that she could, so she did”

Krishen Jani

British | A-level student | AAB
Reading International Development with Economics at the University of Bath

“Bosworth has provided me with an environment that encourages me to study whilst also enabling me to experience a variety of cultures.”

Janani Nikawala

British | A-level student | ABB
Reading Pharmacy at Kings College London

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Bosworth. I’ve made friends for a lifetime and have developed skills that will be invaluable in the future.”

Adam Khan

British | A-level student | BCCD
Reading Law at the University of Buckingham

“My time at Bosworth has had a massively profound impact on my character which I know will stay with me for years to come. It has improved me both academically and as a person, making me realise and try to correct my flaws. I will always cherish my time here and the opportunities it has given me.”

Timothy LIU

Hong Kong | Foundation student
Reading Computer Science at the University of Southampton

“Bosworth has provided me a very comfortable place to live and study, as well as an opportunity to get into my dream university.”

Kamran Mohsesenzadeh

Iranian | Summer School, EFL & Foundation student
Reading Business Management at Coventry University

“Bosworth taught me how to be independent and make many friends as well as how to live a better life.”

Vanessa Leonie-Mensah

Ghanaian | Foundation student
Reading Business & Management at Aston University

“Bosworth has introduced me to many people from different cultures. The international mix has really helped me to understand certain things I would not have learnt in any other school.”

Sisa Ngebulana

South African | Foundation student
Reading Business & Management at Oxford Brookes University

“Bosworth has really changed my view of education from only facts and figures to a sentimental experience where you are able to express your aspirations and turn your dreams into goals.”