Happy Couples

Meet some of the Happy couples that met during their time here with us as students at Bosworth College.



Suraya Rashid & Shahril Sharip

Shahril and I studied A-levels in Bosworth from 1996-1997. We were originally from the same high school in Malaysia. After A-levels I went to the University of Nottingham to study Chemical Engineering and Shahril studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. I graduated in 2000 and became a tutor in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). I received a scholarship to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology) at Imperial College London. I graduated in 2004 and went back to Malaysia where I began my career in academia in UPM. I am now an Associate Professor, focusing on research in the field of Nanotechnology. Meanwhile after graduating, Shahril began his career in the automotive industry, working with companies like PROTON and Toyota. In 2007 he ventured into the oil and gas industry and now works as an Authorized Inspector with Bureau Veritas; an international company which provides testing, inspection and certification services. Shahril and I got married in July 2004. Our daughter, Aida, was born in 2005. In 2007, Adam was born. Our youngest child is Idris, who was born in 2011. At 12 months of age Idris was diagnosed with Hirshsprungs Disease, a condition where the nerve endings of the bowel are not fully developed. It took a while to diagnose this disease but after 18 months of being in and out of hospital for various procedures and operations, surgeons were able to correct his bowels and he is now a healthy 4 and half year old boy.


Farzana Ismail and Juzaily Fekry Leong

We met in Bosworth in 1999. Both Fekry and I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. (This was before Biology became a compulsory subject for medicine.) After Bosworth I went to LSE to study Actuarial Science, whereas Fekry went to Cardiff University to study Medicine. Upon graduating I worked as a Consulting Actuary in London whereas Fekry was sent all over the UK for his Medical Postings. We got married in 2008. After living in the UK for 13 years we moved to Asia in 2012. Fekry worked as a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon in Brunei whereas I worked in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Partner in a Consulting Actuarial Firm. We have two children, Raiyan and Hana, aged 4 and 2. Fekry will soon be moving to Malaysia in 2016 where we will finally live together as a family! I have recently resigned and will set up a new firm in KL, Milliman, which is one of the largest multinational Consulting Actuarial Firms globally. Fekry will also start his further training in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in one the hospitals in KL in 2016.  

Ironically I hired one ex-Bosworth student who also went to LSE a few years ago (Henri Ooi). Such a small world! He has now left to work in Singapore.


Diep Nguyen & Son Tung Dang

We met at Bosworth and it is the first place in the UK I proudly called home. I was in the AS year and he was in his final A2 year. We both studied on the 18 month A-level course, Son left in 2008 and I left in 2009. Don’t expect any love story because we did not start our love at Bosworth. Instead, we built a friendship, a foundation that is even more solid than love that made us even stronger. It was such a beautiful journey. We were friends, then we became a couple, we did break up but thankfully we found our way back to each other. I am always thankful for the journey I have had with him and it all started here, at Bosworth. The couple were married in October 2015! Diep Nguyen (Vietnamese) Completed A-level Maths, Further Maths, Physics & Economics at Bosworth Completed a BSc in Economics at the University of Warwick Completed an MSc Social Policy & Development at LSE SonTung Dang (Vietnamese) Completed A-level Maths, Further Maths, Physics & Economics at Bosworth Completed a BSc in Economics at the University of Warwick Completed an MPA Public & Economic Policy at LSE


Ly Huyen To and Huynh Quang Truong

Ly Huyen To and Huynh Quang Truong (known as David at Bosworth) We first met in January 2008 in Mr. Moran’s Economics class and we have been a couple ever since. After Bosworth, we moved to London to study and came back to Vietnam together in 2012. We got married in December 2015 after nearly 8-years together it was a tough journey but we managed to overcome everything together. We’ve made a plan that in the future we will bring our kids back to visit Bosworth; because for us, the time we spent there was a very important and memorable part of our lives. Ly was an 18 month a-level student who studied: Maths, Further Maths, Economics and AS Biology and progressed to City University London to study Banking and International Finance. David started the 18 month a-level but transferred to the UFP course in September 2008.  He progressed to study Finance and Accounting at London Metropolitan University.


Ai Ling Yeap and Willie Song

At the end of 1997 after I completed my SPM (O-level equivalent in Malaysia) exam, my parents decided to send my sister & myself to the UK to further our studies. Prior to fly off, we had a briefing at the education centre, and that’s where I met my future husband, Willie. Willie is also going to Bosworth with his younger brother, what a coincidence I thought! The brothers caught my attention, both very smart & kind looking. There were seven of us from Penang entering Bosworth. So, respective parents and children all gathered at the centre for a brief introduction on what to expect when we reached the UK and so on. I remembered commenting to my mum, “Mummy, the two brothers looked so nerdy.”….Haha! And so our journey begins at Bosworth for our Foundation course. The seven of us from Penang had a great time while our respective courses started. All of us always had our meals together, and even studied at the first floor common area after supper. We played pool and ping pong during the weekends, and hung out at the city centre. We had the time of our lives! We never got bored! During this time, Willie has always been my “personal buddy”, especially for Statistics. He’s been so kind to teach me whenever I needed help. Also walking me home after 9pm in the cold & windy night across the field! By now anyone would have guessed that he’s into me, but it never crossed my mind. I was just thinking how blessed I was to have such a great friend. And one evening while he walked me home, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend and things flourished from then on. After Bosworth we went to separate universities, Willie went to Hull University & myself to Oxford Brookes University. We would visit each other during long weekends & term breaks, wrote letters, and he would call me almost every night. He’s such a darling in many ways. We got engaged on May 2005 & married in Dec 2006. We’ve been together for 18 years and settled down in our hometown, Penang. Willie’s an Electronic Engineer, designing computer mouse sensor software & myself I am running a family business now. We have 2 children, Natalie (turning 8 this October) and Oliver (turning 5 this August). Throughout our stay in the UK, we not only met each other, we also made a lot of friends along the way, and achieved our university degrees. We had the opportunity to travel around the UK, and learn more about British culture, we found out that Scotland have their own parliament! We were also lucky enough to be able to go around Europe, and we love Europe so much that we have been back twice since we graduated. Ai Ling and Willie studied on our very first foundation course back in 1997. In total there were 9 students on the course, included Ai Ling and her sister and Willie and his brother.