Current Students

Lizzie Leong

British | GCSE & A-level student

“Bosworth has had a great influence over my growth as a person. It has helped me to gain confidence, maturity and has prepared me for the next step in life.”

Piers Bodily

British | GCSE & A-level student

“Bosworth has helped me to mix with people from many different cultures and countries as well as improving my grades.”

Laura Bullen

British | GCSE & A-level student

“The small class sizes at Bosworth have helped me to develop to my full potential, and dedication of my subject teachers has prepared me very well for my GCSE exams. Bosworth is a place where everybody is respected and valued, and it has taught me not to be afraid of being myself. I have been to four different schools and Bosworth is by far the best!”

Jack King

British | GCSE & A-level student

“The small class sizes allow for a focused experience which helps students excel to their full potential, and lets the teachers really get involved with the students, helping wherever possible.”

Ufuk Alti

British | GCSE & A-level student

“At Bosworth you can feel the special bond between teachers and students. It helps students focus and reach their full potential.”

Tony Pan

Chinese | GCSE & A-level student

“I really like the “free” style of this school. This encourages me to meet people from different countries. I love making friends with them.”

Thasahari Sivakumaran

British | GCSE & A-level student

“I really like the sense of community at Bosworth, everybody is so supportive of everyone else.”

Maxwell Corley

British | BTEC student

“The BTEC programme has been a very good alternative to A-levels for me.”

Tiger Dong Sheng Liu

Hong Kong | EFL & BTEC student

“The teachers on the BTEC programme have helped me to reach my potential.”

Leo Maltsev

Ukrainian | GCSE student

“I have already studied at another school in the UK prior to coming to Bosworth, but at Bosworth I have learnt a lot of new things and have found lessons really interesting. I have improved a great deal and I intend to continue improving thanks to the excellent teaching staff.

I am also comfortable with the level of homework as I have plenty of time to complete it either in Study Hall sessions or Evening Prep.

My favourite subject is Spanish, I already speak Ukranian, Russian, English and a little French but Spanish is becoming of real interest.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Multinational, Motivational & Supportive