Bosworth College has a well established and prestigious Alumni studying and working all over the world. Meet some of them and see what they have to say about their time at Bosworth and what they are doing now:


Stella Miettinen

Finnish | GCSE student

“Throughout my entire school life I feel I have been hemmed in, grouped, possibly just a “quota to fill” – a statistic. My academic needs have often not been met and I have been left with large gaps in my knowledge.

But here at Bosworth, I am so much more. Here, I am a person with goals, dreams and fears. Here, I have excelled to my fullest intellectual potential through a network of amazing teachers who offer constant support. They realise my promise and drive me to exceed.

Because at Bosworth they prove I CAN and they never let me forget it!”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Above & Beyond

Masem Abbas

Irish | GCSE & A-level student

“I think teaching at Bosworth is different because it is more like tutorial style at university. Where due to the small classes it is more interactive, you’re actually learning, you are not just told to write stuff down.

This sets you up brilliantly for revision at the end of the year and for exams. That’s all down to the teachers as well, because they give personal attention, they are available outside of the classroom which is really important, especially at A-level.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Focused, Comfortable & Academic


Huai Ling Tan

Malaysian | A-level student | A* A* Ab

“ Studying on the 18 month A-level programme is intense, but I have enjoyed the fast pace. Bosworth has been a studious environment and helped me to concentrate and focus on my studies. The guidance and resources provided by teachers has been excellent. I am grateful for everything Bosworth has taught me and I hope to make a difference by becoming a Doctor.”

Reading Medicine atThe University of Edinburgh

Alvaro Zubeldia De Iturbide

Mexican | University Foundation Programme student

“I think what Bosworth gives their students is not just academic preparation, it also prepares them to go out into the world, live their life, take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. I believe this is how it should be.

Socially I enjoy playing football twice a week and whenever I can I go on the weekend trips. Two weeks ago I went to Cambridge and last year I went to Oxford. Getting to see more of the UK helps me to think about university life and what will come next after Bosworth.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Hard Work, International & Friendly

Bethany Alexander

British | GCSE & A-level student

“The class sizes are really small and that really works for me, you get a more personal relationship with the teachers and it really helps you to grasp what you are doing in a lesson.

Having a Personal Tutor definitely makes you feel more comfortable within Bosworth, you can always go to them no matter what, even if you want to talk about your weekend. However if you have problems, they will do their hardest to solve them.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Diverse, Motivational & Caring

Toyin Ihinmikalu

Nigerian | A-level student

“I think what I have really enjoyed most about Bosworth aside from the academic rigour is the ability to balance my work life and social life, because they give you a wide range of things to do; enrichment activities, sport etc.

Personally I play volleyball and basketball and on the weekend I sometimes jog. For enrichment I picked up French last year, so now I know a little bit of French.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Multicultural, Fun & Competitive

Son Olszewski

Polish | A-level student

“As the year went on I realised I started calling the boarding house or now my senior house ‘home’, so we would go somewhere and I would say ‘I just want to go home’ and then I realised I was talking about my boarding house.

Now it is home and I especially like living in my senior house. It’s really nice and it feels more and more like I am living on my own and it is preparing me for life at university. If I am bored I can just knock on my fellow students’ house and we hang out. It’s fun!”


Ariadne Thao Dan Vu

Vietnamese | A-level student | A* A* A* A*

“I have a variety of interests and like to study subjects that cover a wide range of topics. So I chose Maths, Economics, History and Sociology and it has been the most memorable experience!

I would recommend any student to try Bosworth if they get the chance.”

Reading Law at Durham University


Jin Zheng

Chinese | A-level student | A* A* A* A* A

“I spent 3 months preparing for my interview at Cambridge University and was given a lot of support by the Head of University Admissions, the Vice Principal and a professional Engineer. This ultimately helped me to gain my place.”

Reading Engineering at the University of Cambridge


Georgia Jeffrey

British | A-level student | A* A A

“I came to Bosworth after struggling with my first year of A-levels at another school where my confidence was knocked. Since then, the teachers have worked hard building up my confidence again, doing everything they can to ensure I’m happy and comfortable both in the classroom and the exam room. The small class sizes made the world of difference as the learning was very personal with teachers able to tailor their lessons to the pupils. With their help, I finished with A*AA in Psychology, Geography and Biology and am currently at the University of Edinburgh studying Geography, which was something I never thought I’d be able to say 2 years ago.”

Reading Geography at the University of Edinburgh


Youssef Ahmed

Egyptian | A-level student | A* A* A* A* A*

Youssef, modest to the end, told us:
“My results are all down to the hard work put in by Bosworth teachers and staff.”

We think his strong work ethic and positive attitude also helped!

Applying to Oxbridge 2016

Anastasia Venetska,


“Bosworth opened my eyes to just how enjoyable studying could be! It’s friendly and family like atmosphere made me feel at home and transfer to a new community so much easier. I made friends for life here. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is in search of the best education but is worried about leaving home and family behind!”

A Level Results: Maths (A*), Chemistry (A) Further Maths (B) Economics (a) French (b)
Destination: University College London (UCL) – Chemical Engineering

Dr Hamza Celik, Ph.D


After I received my Master of Research degree from the University of York, I was fortunate to be granted a prestigious European fellowship (Marie Curie Initial Training Network) to begin my Ph.D. studies in the French Centre for Scientific Research in Marseille, France. Currently, I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Washington University in St. Louis working on hematology and oncology. My research focus includes identification of novel genetic mutations in hematopoietic stem cells (which give rise to all the other blood cells through the process of hematopoiesis) that drives leukemic transformation. I have published number of research articles in top scientific journals. Most recently, I was selected to receive an American Society of Hematology (ASH) Scholar award to continue my research. ASH scholar award is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of hematology, financially supporting fellows and junior faculty dedicated to careers in hematology research as they transition from training programs to careers as independent investigators.

When I enrolled at Bosworth Independent College, I barely spoke English or knew what future held for me, but through day-to-day guidance and supervision of my teachers, I decided to pursue a career in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Today, I hold a respected position at a top academic institution and love every minute of what I do! I believe without the tireless support of my teachers at Bosworth who helped me unlock my potential, I would not be where I am today. I still miss the time I spent in Northampton!

Title: Post-doctoral Research Fellow (in hematology and oncology)
Current workplace: Washington University in St Louis, USA.

Ciel Zhao


“I pay tribute to the staff at Bosworth for their genuine guidance. I have been offered a place at Oxford University and I hope the skills I have gained here mean I can secure this place. I know I made the right choice coming to Bosworth.”

A Level Results: Maths (A*) Further Maths (A*) Physics (A*) Chemistry (A) Chinese (A)
Destination: Reading Mathematics and Computer Science at Oxford University

Shobo Shobo


“During my time at Bosworth I enjoyed the teaching and the small class sizes because we were given lots of attention and concepts were delivered well. I also benefitted from the Personal Tutor system as this helped me to progress, set and attain my goals. I wanted to study at Cambridge University and I achieved my ambition.”

A Level Results: (A*) Maths, (A*) Physics, (A) Chemistry, (A) Further Maths, (a) Economics
Destination: Shobo is currently reading Engineering at the University of Cambridge

(Teresa) Zhaoxi Wang


“Bosworth has a vivid environment and superb quality of teaching. All of my teachers are extremely helpful and patient. Especially my own tutor, she helped me a lot in terms of study and life. Also, Bosworth has a professional team working on UCAS application. They are making efforts to help every student achieve his/her dream. Luckily, I am one of them and I am enjoying my favourite subjects in LSE now.”

A Level Results: (A*) Maths, (A*) Physics, (A*) Chemistry, (A*) Further Maths, (a) Chinese
Destination: Teresa is currently reading Actuarial Science at the London School of Economics

Stanislau Yatskevich


“Bosworth is an exceptionally friendly environment with very helpful teachers, I always felt I could get the teacher’s full attention with any questions I had. My ambition is to work in the field of medicine and I am excited to have achieved a scholarship to study at Oxford. However, I will miss the many friends I made and the excellent teachers.”

A Level Results: (A*) Maths, (A*) Physics, (A*) Chemistry, (A*) Biology, (A*) Russian
Destination: Stanislau is reading Medicine at the University of Oxford

Munir Jamal E Abukhder


“As an international student, I was concerned that it would be difficult to adapt to an English schooling system and obtain a place at a Russell Group Medical school. This apprehension was put at rest by the support provided by Bosworth College. Not only did they heavily support my UCAS application, but I received essential help with regards to the intensive interview process as well as an individually crafted strategy to help me get into the University of Birmingham. Without the aid of Bosworth College, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my aspiration of becoming a doctor.”

A Level Results: (A*) Maths, (A) Biology, (A) Chemistry, (A*) Arabic, (a)
Destination: Psychology Destination: Munir is currently reading Medicine at the University of Birmingham