University Foundation Programmes

Engineering & Science
or Business

The University Foundation Programme (UFP) is a one-year course designed specifically for international applicants and prepares students for the demands of undergraduate study. The UFP offers an alternative to A-level study. However, students should be confident, when they apply, that they know which career route they wish to follow at university. Bosworth has a strong Foundation Programme that is widely recognised by a number of leading UK universities. The course has a substantial academic content at a standard similar to A-level and students who embark on the course are required to sit a significant number of formal assessments, increasingly demanding, during their Foundation Year. English Language tuition is provided alongside academic studies and students will be required, during their Foundation Year, to sit the IELTS examination. Very often, international students who have completed their Senior High School education are required to do a Foundation Year in order to gain access to an undergraduate degree programme of their choice. The Bosworth College Foundation Programme is designed to develop students’ language skills and provide knowledge in specific academic subject areas, in order to prepare them for undergraduate study. Therefore, it is an ideal course for students who are slightly older and prefer a one-year option rather than a two-year A-level course.

Course Content

The programme provides between twenty five and twenty seven lessons per week of directed study, depending on the level of IELTS provision required, as well as supervised study periods and optional enrichment classes. Students will study six modules in total, five of which are formally accredited on the Foundation Year graduation certificate. Three of these modules are compulsory, the ‘core’ modules. In addition, three ‘elective’ modules are chosen, based on the students’ intended career route. The content and learning objectives of the ‘elective’ modules are based on A-level specification. In each ‘elective’ module, students are required to sit 4 formal assessments at strategic points during the academic year. In addition, the ‘core’ modules provide a fundamental background to academic work at university level, ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary communication, numerical and analytical skills. We have the following course options available on the UFP.

How is the course assessed?

All ‘elective’ modules are subject to four written examinations, and these are taken at roughly equally spaced intervals during the course. Preparation for the IELTS examination is also a vital component of the course. Students embarking on the Bosworth College Foundation Programme are made aware that it is recommended that they should exit the Foundation Year with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 points overall, with at least 6 points in each of the key components of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

University Progression

Leading pathways from our Foundation Programme Business route include: Business Management, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Mathematics, Computer Science, Hospitality Management, Politics and International Relations. Leading pathways from our Foundation Programme Science & Engineering route include: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology and Computing Science. All students receive extensive counselling about which institution and course would be their best choice. We have progression agreements in place from several universities who officially recognise our Foundation Programme, including the University of Manchester Business School, the University of Liverpool, Queen Mary University in London, Aston University and the University of York. In addition, in recent years, we have placed a number of our strongly performing UFP students (typically those who gain either the ‘Distinction’ award or the ‘Merit’ award on our Foundation course) at some leading universities in the Russell Group, including the University of Manchester, the University of Bristol, the University of Sheffield, the University of Southampton, the University of Leeds, the University of York and Newcastle University.

Course Options

All students study the 3 Core Modules:Core Mathematics or Core General Studies & NumeracyCore Communication SkillsCore Information Technology

  Students can choose from the following 7 programmes, consisting of 3 “elective” modules.

Programme 1Advanced MathematicsPhysics & MechanicsChemistry
Programme 2Advanced MathematicsEconomicsBusiness Studies
Programme 3Advanced MathematicsEconomicsManagement Finance & Accounting
Programme 4International StudiesEconomicsBusiness Studies
Programme 5Advanced MathematicsPhysics & MechanicsBusiness Studies
Programme 6Advanced Mathematics or International StudiesBusiness StudiesPortfolio Art
Programme 7Advanced MathematicsChemistryBiology

Other subject combinations may be available, please ask for details. Portfoilo Art is offered for students interested in Graphic Design, Architecture or Fashion. International Studies covers World Development and includes Geography and Humanities based topics. Programmes 2 & 4 require strong English Language skills. Programmes 1 & 5 require a high ability in mathematics.