A Level

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements:5 GCSEs (grade 6+ or B is normally required in subjects that are going to be studied at A-level) or equivalent. International students must produce evidence of High School study and qualifications
Language Requirements:IELTS 5.5 to 6.5 (or equivalent) depending on the time frame of the course i.e. 2-year, 18-month or 1-year
Age:Usually 16 years for the two-year programme, 17 years for the 18-month and 18 for the one-year option
Start Date:September for the one and two-year courses, January for the 18-month programme
Ideal For:UK and international students who wish to progress to higher education

2 year A-level

A-levels are the traditional route into the very best universities, providing in-depth preparation for degree study within higher education. Furthermore, they have international recognition. The majority of our students join the two-year programme and, with 24 subjects to select from and no timetabling restrictions, students really can create the right pathway for their future. 

Typically, native speakers of English take four subjects in the first year and, depending on AS results, will continue with either three or four of those subjects into their second year. In certain circumstances, students can also choose to add a different AS subject in year two. Students who are not native speakers of English have the opportunity to take IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as one of their subject choices. All students studying A-levels are normally required to achieve at least a C grade in three AS examinations in order to progress to A2.

18 month / 1 year

The 18-month course is aimed at international students who have completed High School in their own countries in December and do not want to wait until September to commence study at Bosworth. This course is intensive over the first two terms, January – June, and students must have the appropriate language skills, as well as the academic background, to cope with the pace of study. Please be aware that fewer subjects are available in January and many students will study three subjects at AS level and then add a fourth subject from September.

Those studying on the one-year option will have studied to A-level standard (or equivalent) previously and they will usually have prior knowledge of their subjects. As an example, this normally works well for retake students who may wish to study AS/A2 level in one year for one subject, alongside two other subjects at A2 level. We look at each case individually to see if we can support students who may be seeking a one-year solution. International students must hold an IELTS 6.5 certificate, or equivalent. 

Supporting Progression to University

Each student is supported in their university application process by their Personal Tutor and/or Assistant Principal, whether they are applying in the UK or overseas. This preparation begins early in their first year (AS or BTEC Year 1) when students start to think about university choices and find out what they can do to make the strongest possible application. This is delivered through presentations from admissions tutors from top universities, the AS Course Director and Assistant Principal. This focus is continued in personal tutor meetings and individual research. Students are encouraged to take part in open days and taster days to experience university life. At the end of this year, all students have an individual interview with a member of the UCAS team to discuss their choices, review their progress and set targets. In their second year, all students are supported to complete their university applications by their personal tutor and a dedicated UCAS team. This includes a weekly workshop to give help with completing their online application, alongside individual advice on university choices and their personal statement. Where appropriate, all students are offered a mock interview with constructive feedback.

For more details on our A-level results, here you can also view the students’ degree choices and the universities to which they have progressed. Choosing the right university requires research and an understanding of the many choices available. With this in mind, we hold regular tutor-led sessions to guide students through the UCAS process and advise them how best to add value to their application. For more on university admissions.

Oxbridge, Medical and Highly Competitive Subjects Preparation

Each year many of our students with exceptional academic ability will apply to highly competitive courses, including;

  • University of Oxford or Cambridge, London School of Economics (LSE) and Imperial College, London
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine
  • Law and Engineering
  • Courses leading to accredited careers in health care, such as Pharmacy, Optometry and Physiotherapy

These institutions and degree courses are amongst the best in the world and students face intense competition for places on these undergraduate courses. Top grades at A-level are not enough to secure a place; our in-depth knowledge of the additional requirements for each course and institution, coupled with our expertise in preparing students to face the rigours of university selection, greatly increases their chances of achieving their goals.

For Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine we offer a tailored preparation programme which includes weekly workshops, visits from former students, preparation for admissions tests and panel and MMI practice interviews. We also help students to secure valuable work experience and voluntary work. Our Oxbridge programme offers guided debates, weekly workshops, opportunities to develop critical thinking and interview skills and practice interviews with invited guests.

These extra programmes are offered at no extra charge in addition to individual guidance and support for university choices, personal statements and the UCAS application process.

Sample Timetable

08:30 – 09:20PsychologyFurther MathsFurther Maths  
09:25 – 10:15Further MathsStudy HallFurther MathsStudy HallPsychology
10:20 – 11:10Tutor MeetingFurther MathsFurther MathsBiologyIELTS
11:30 – 12:20Study HallIELTSFurther MathsBiologyStudy Hall
12:25 – 13:15PsychologyFurther MathsBiologyPsychology 
13.20 -14.05LunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
14:10 – 15:00Study HallFurther MathsBiologyEnrichmentBiology
15:05 – 15:55Study HallStudy HallFurther MathsStudy HallBiology
16:10 – 17:00  Free TimeBiology 
17.05-17.55  PsychologyPsychology 

From this timetable example you will see the student is studying three A-level subjects, but also included in their weekly timetable is an enrichment activity, a Personal Tutor session and supervised Study Hall sessions. We ensure the students have a full and varied timetable that will allow them not only to achieve academically, but also to develop the strongest possible application to a higher education institution. Second year A-level and University Foundation students have free time on their timetable allowing for independent study. However, these privileges may be withdrawn should students fall behind with their work.