Unconditional Offer for Veterinary Medicine

Unconditional Offer for Veterinary Medicine

We are extremely proud to report that ex-Bosworth student Grace has achieved an unconditional offer for Veterinary Medicine at the University of Liverpool for 2018.

Grace achieved AAA in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A-level (summer 2017). She opted to take a gap year and is currently volunteering at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa. The Baboons and Vervet Monkeys she is working with have been rescued from many different situations including the pet trade, or being orphaned after their mothers were shot. These young monkeys require around the clock care, which Grace described as “completely exhausting, but the most rewarding and incredible experience”. There are several rehabilitation stages undertaken by the primates with the ultimate goal being to release them.

Grace plans to return to Riverside to assist in the release of a troop of roughly 105 baboons this April. This will be the biggest release of any rehabilitated animals in history.

Grace told our Principal, “I honestly cannot thank-you enough for your encouragement and support through everything, from giving me vital advice regarding resitting A-levels to the wonderful reference you wrote. I loved my time at Bosworth and feel enormous gratitude to my all teachers who helped me achieve the grades I needed.”