Oliva Nova Met Autumn Tour 2017

Oliva Nova Met Autumn Tour 2017

Bosworth pupil Megan Broadway returns to college after a successful Autumn showjumping tour in Oliva Nova Spain.  During the three-week tour Megan and her trainer, professional showjumper Jess Dimmock, achieved numerous top placings on this highly competitive circuit.

Megan had the privilege of riding Capello; the horse on which trainer Jess won the 2013 title of U23’s National Champion.  This was only the second time this pair had been in the ring together, but soon bonded and took to the winners platform on 4 out of the 7 days jumping, with a clean record; not a single pole down the entire tour.

Megan’s school master, Curossa III took Megan to new heights, claiming double clear at 1m 25 and entered into realms of 1m 30 classes, so onwards and upwards for this young rider. Jess as always rode with style and success, showing Megan just how it is done, with podium placings on both Cassius Clay and Chandon Blue in the 1m 45 Grand Prix’s.  Jess is also helping Megan produce a young 6-year old ‘Good Limit’, jumping 1m 30 in the final week with not a pole down the entire tour, this horse is hopefully one to watch for the future.

As for her A-level studies; Megan prepared for the trip in advance with her teachers, and left for the tour armed with all the work she would be missing.  With regular emails and contact with her teachers Megan was able to maintain her academic work whilst on tour.  Also, on her return, while the horses enjoy a well-deserved week off, Megan will use her timetabled training sessions to ensure she is up to speed with her studies.

A successful first tour and we look forward to following Meg’s life on the showjumping circuit!

Meg jumping the famous Capello. Meg with a winning smile when placed 2nd out of 75 top riders at 1m 20. Meg with her trainer Jess Dimmock always on hand to offer guidance. Morning rides on the beach. Jess in the 1m 45 Grand Prix. Meg on a lively morning beach run!