Ever considered an apprenticeship route?

Ever considered an apprenticeship route?

Former Bosworth student Lois Boyes did just that. Lois achieved A*A*A in Biology, French and Chemistry at A-level, in the summer of 2017, and was considering a year’s work experience, with a view to applying to university September 2018.

So, having researched her options, she found and applied to a company called ‘Cogent Skills’ who were advertising on the government UK website for science apprenticeships. From this Lois has secured herself a 3-year apprenticeship with Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

“Vertex creates new possibilities in medicine to cure diseases and improve people’s lives. We work with leading researchers, doctors, public health experts and other collaborators who share our vision for transforming the lives of people with serious diseases, their families and society.”

They are a worldwide organisation with offices in over 13 countries, so lots of room for development and opportunity. Lois receives an annual salary whilst training and the company cover the cost of the university course that she will study alongside.

Lois will study for a degree in Applied Bioscience Technology at the University of Kent whilst working. Lois will work five days a week at Vertex, but is allowed 20% study time, so this will mean she has Tuesday and Thursday afternoons free for study. In her first year she will cover the following four modules: Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Applied Chemistry and Microbiology. In the summer Lois will attend a 2-week practical at the University of Kent to test her laboratory skills.

It is early days for Lois, she started with Vertex 3 weeks ago, she is currently shadowing her supervisor who is working on a number of different projects. After initial training, Lois will be based in the tissue culture lab; here cells are grown to produce specific proteins which are then harvested for use in the next stage of the research and development process.

We look forward to further updates as Lois moves through her apprenticeship, we know exciting opportunities lay ahead!

Lois excelled during her time at Bosworth, here she tells us of her experience, “My time at Bosworth has been an ideal opportunity for me. Small class sizes and supportive teachers have helped me to progress academically, and I appreciated a feeling of positivity and mutual respect.”

Lois pictured in the Vertex Laboratory.

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