Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2017

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2017

At the end of last term Bosworth students sat a Chemistry Challenge which is supported by St. Catharine’s College at the University of Cambridge. From this group of students now Year 13, we are proud to report we have achieved 1 Silver and 7 Copper Awards.

The aim of the challenge is to stretch and test students interested in Chemistry, and it provides an excellent experience for anyone considering taking their studies further. It is designed to be accessible to Year 12 students but ensures to take them significantly beyond the syllabus and encourage them to think about science in the way they would at university.

The 2017 Paper was completed by over 7,000 candidates and around 500 schools! The award boundaries include: Roentgenium, Gold, Silver, Copper, No Award and all winners receive a certificate along with a report on the paper and a question commentary. Overall, 55 students won Roentgenium (0.78%), 543 students won Gold (7.7%), 1,046 students won Silver (14.8%) and 2,574 students won Copper (36.4%). Roentgenium award winners are also invited to attend a chemistry residential at the University of Cambridge during the summer.

Maria Johnstone, Head of Chemistry believes it is important for students to take part, “It is essential that candidates show involvement in these challenges and prove enthusiasm for chemistry beyond the taught topics.”

Pictured above, from left to right: Yingming, Yilin, Thanh Binh, Thi Ha Anh, Chloe (Silver Award Winner), Mrs Winship (A-level Chemistry Teacher), Melika, Tamar & Chang Chloe. All of the other students pictured are Copper Award Winners.

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