Simon Elvin BA PGCE

GCSE Course Director

I simply love teaching French because, in a country renowned for being ‘useless at languages’, it’s a subject that opens doors for students – not only doors to jobs where international cooperation is important, but doors into a wider awareness of other people and cultures. That’s also why I love working at Bosworth: it has made me more aware of other cultures and possibilities, and here I can encourage our students of so many nationalities to become better citizens of an increasingly globalised world, by being interested in each other and making friendships which open their eyes and make them more understanding and tolerant, more enthusiastic about things and people that are ‘different’. Our students here are purposeful and keen to succeed.

As a Course Director I’m able to encourage students and help them steer through difficulties, and I see the power of believing in people’s best intentions. It’s a fulfilling role in a fascinating workplace.

GCSE Course DirectorSimon Elvin BA PGCE

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Simon Elvin BA PGCE
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