Chris Somerfield BSc PGCE MSc

University Foundation Course Director

September 2015 marked the start of my 16th year teaching Mathematics at Bosworth College. The fact that I have been here for so long is indicative of how comfortable I feel in working at the College and reflects the contentment that has resulted from having had the opportunity to teach here. What is it about Bosworth that makes people want to stay? Well, certainly a major factor is the nature of the students. They are so polite, so cooperative and so interested in their studies. I think it is partly because of the multicultural nature of the College that everyone seems to have a mutual respect for each other and the students really seem to hold the College staff in high esteem. I think that the students really appreciate the effort that is made to help them in the learning process and, in turn, they often respond by working to the best of their abilities. Indeed, I have also found the staff to be very professional and extremely dedicated to their jobs, whether employed in a teaching role, an administrative role or a supervisory role. Staff and students seem to go out of their way to make that extra effort, to ‘go that extra mile’.

During my time at Bosworth College, I have taught both Pure Mathematics and Statistics at AS and A2 level, and also, on the College’s University Foundation Programme. For all but one of the years of my tenure at Bosworth College, it has been my privilege to be the Course Director for the Foundation Programme. Over the years, I have observed the educational journey of countless students who have selected the Foundation Programme route. I have witnessed, at first hand, their commitment and dedication to succeed. In many cases, the change in their personalities as they progressed through the Foundation Programme has been quite profound, transforming from a slightly apprehensive raw recruit at the start of their course, but emerging at the end with a newly found assurance and confidence, proudly looking forward to taking up the offer of a hard-earned place at university.

Personally, I have always been extremely grateful for having been offered the chance to work at Bosworth College and I hope that, over the years, I have managed to give something back in return. A few years ago, one of my proudest feats was to custom-build, using Microsoft Access, the College’s Pastoral Database, which was originally planned as an interim measure but, three years later, it is still being used to record data for the College Pastoral System. It will probably become obsolete in the future, but nevertheless, its development presented a significant challenge that took me out of my comfort zone of working in my usual medium of teaching Mathematics and gave me a true sense of achievement.

University Foundation Course DirectorChris Somerfield BSc PGCE MSc

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Chris Somerfield BSc PGCE MSc
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