Brenda Renouf BA PGCE

AS Course Director

When I joined Bosworth in 1992, the college was much smaller than it is today although then, as now, we had students from across the world. It was, and is, a joy to share my knowledge with our students and watch them develop the same love for Mathematics, and particularly Statistics, that I have. When I was at university, one of my teachers explained that the reason our degree was a B.A. was because the university believed that Mathematics was a language. Finally his words made sense.

Over the last 24 years I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of talented people who have left Bosworth to continue their education in some of the world’s best universities and gone on to enjoy rewarding careers. It never ceases to amaze me how many take the trouble to keep in touch and similarly how many talk about how happy their time at Bosworth was. It truly is unique and I am proud to be part of it.

AS Course DirectorBrenda Renouf BA PGCE

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Brenda Renouf BA PGCE
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