Just got your exam results? What now?

Once A-level and GCSE results are released this summer, for many it can be a tense time as their future plans will rely on the outcome.

At Bosworth Independent College we are happy to offer impartial advice to any students who may have performed better or worse than expected. We are always hopeful we can help!

Our Principal, Fiona Pocock, loves to relate the story of a young man who visited the college hopeful that he’d be offered a place to study with us. Instead, she advised he knock a little harder on an alternative university’s door and, hey presto, was offered a place on the very course he wanted. It happened to be Marine Biology so perhaps she should have suggested ‘he fish in other seas.’

Every year students, often accompanied by their parents, like to visit because they have not achieved the results they had hoped for at both GCSE and A-level . This has often scuppered their plans for university or for their progression to A-level.  In each individual’s case we like to offer solutions.  We are happy to offer guidance as to the best course of action and next steps to take. We believe in second chances, tempered with realism and nearly always succeed in identifying at least one alternative pathway to progression.  

A fresh approach

With our fresh approach, a willingness to listen and a flexible timetable, we find that students have the confidence to focus on their study plan and succeed at Bosworth. In fact 87% of our students achieve either their firm or insurance university choice. 

What can we offer?

So, whether you have performed better than expected or missed out on the grades you had hoped for, we’d like to help. We always look to offer a flexible approach across: GCSE / UFP / and A-level courses or indeed we can look at part-time options. We also offer another route to university with the 1 & 2-year BTEC Business Course for those who may want to consider a modular approach to learning as opposed to an end of year exam.


Alongside this we have scholarship places for outstanding students. Students who have achieved at least 5A* or 7+ grades at GCSE are considered to be outstanding and we welcome them to come and find out what we can offer. Our small class sizes and experienced teaching staff means we can offer the space and time required to excel. And excellent academic support is only one part of the offering here. There’s so much more; the opportunity to make friends from all around the world, to grow in confidence, to savour and satisfy curiosity and to contribute to our small caring community.

Our study approach and clear guidance for university progression truly helps students to attain a place at a top 30 UK university or on even the most competitive degree courses. Our vibrant Oxbridge and Medical Preparation programmes encourage students who have high academic aspirations while supportive staff steer them through the sometimes challenging application process.

If your results are just below what you required for your university of choice, talk to us about how we can help you increase your UCAS tariff points to fulfil your goals. If you need to re-take a GCSE in Maths or  English alongside your first year of A-levels then this too is something our flexible timetable will allow.

Please call us now on 01604 235 090 for an informal chat. Advice is free!