IGCSE Business Studies

IGCSE Business Studies

Business Studies looks at how businesses operate and function in a modern economy.

The IGCSE will examine business concerns in a variety of countries across the globe and how they effectively manage in both the short and long term. Analysis of the creative side of business examines how firms can create a successful brand image and align this against their corporate objectives.

There is also study of the ‘softer’ skills of business like people management and motivation.

The performance of businesses is assessed by analysis of their financial results and so there is also a large numerical element to the course. Students will leave with the basic skills in Business Studies which will act as the perfect foundation for study at a higher level.

Entry Requirements

English – There is a requirement for students to produce analytical written answers. The students should be able to express themselves with clarity in a written format.

Maths – The numerical content of this specification is high. The student should be comfortable with basic mathematical operations as well as percentages and ratios.

Commitment – We expect a strong and focused commitment to Business Studies because the course has demanding homework requirements.

Alternative study: GCSE Mathematics or GCSE Computer Science

Course Content

Section 1: Business and the Environment Objectives of Businesses/ Legal Structures/ Multi-National Operations/ International Trade.

Section 2: Human Resources Organisational Charts/ Motivation/ Communication/ Financial Rewards.

Section 3: Accounting & Finance Sources of Finance/ Working Capital/ Budgets/ Cash Flow Forecasts/ Break Even Analysis.

Section 4: Marketing Segmentation/ Marketing Mix/ Market Research.

Section 5: Production Economies of Scale/ Methods of Production/ Lean Production/ Quality.


Exam Paper : Edexcel (4BS1)

Paper 1: Investigating Small Businesses (50% of IGCSE)

Paper 2: Investigating Large Businesses (50% of IGCSE)

Where does it lead?

The Edexcel IGCSE gives the best preparation for the study of Business at A-level. It is significant in that it develops the students’ numerical and analytical skills and these are transferable across a number of academic areas.

As a subject, Business Studies has an almost limitless array of applications and industries. Therefore, the IGCSE gives a realistic impression of the real world and prepares the student for what they might face in any career choice.

Reading List

Edexcel International GCSE Business Studies, Rob Jones Published by Pearson ISBN 978-0-435046-7-4-3

Useful websites: www.tutor2u.net www.bbc.com/news