A-level Business Studies

A-level Business Studies

One of the most popular subjects in the U.K. education system, Business Studies develops student skills in terms of analysing, interpreting and evaluating real life scenarios. It is a subject that can lead into a variety of industries and markets.
Entry Requirements
GCSE Maths and English, both at grade 4 or above will be necessary. A keen interest in Business is also a great advantage. Many pupils study Business across the world. As a popular subject, the competition for exciting and fulfilling jobs is intense. You need to work hard to stand out.

Course Content

Year 1 (AS Qualification)
Theme 1: Marketing and People
Theme 2: Managing Business Activities
Year 2 (A Level Qualification)
Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy
Theme 4: Global Business

A characteristic of A-level Business is that it draws upon evidence and examples from the real world. There is ample opportunity to explore existing businesses and find out what makes them successful. Students also learn why businesses have failed.


AS Examinations

Paper 1: Themes 1 & 2 (Mostly Theme 1) Data response and an open ended question. (90 minutes)
Paper 2: Themes 1 & 2 (Mostly Theme 2) Data response and an open ended question. (90 minutes)

A Level Examinations
Paper 1: Themes 1 & 4 Data response and an open ended question. (2 Hours)
Paper 2: Themes 2 & 3 Data response and an open ended question. (2 Hours)
Paper 3: Themes 1, 2, 3 & 4 Pre released content. Data response plus an open ended question. (2 Hours)
Exam Board: Edexcel Full Title: Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Business (9BSO)

Where does it lead?

The career path following on from Business is wide and varied. Careers exist in journalism, music management, media as well as the more conventional commerce route. It’s a generalist subject and as such can be applied in just about every conceivable industry. Ultimately, Business Studies gives students the skills to succeed in everyday life and earn money.

Reading List


Edexcel AS/A level Business: Dave Hall and Rob Jones: ISBN 978-1-14479-8354-5

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