Elite Sports

Excel without compromise

At Bosworth we understand that your academics can often clash with your chosen sport so we strive to cater to your needs and create a timetable that enables you to do both to a high level. We look at each candidate as an individual, and design a solution to suit your needs, we can offer:

  • A part timetable at GCSE, A-level, Foundation or BTEC
  • A flexible timetable to work around your sporting commitments
  • One-to-one catch up lessons
  • Examination Centre
  • 70.2% A*-B grades (A-level 2018)

Suitable for: Eventers / Show-Jumpers / Dressage / Polo / Racing Drivers / Rugby Players / Footballers / Tennis Players and many more

“Our tailored approach allows students to excel in their chosen sport as well as their academic studies. We encourage the competition and discipline that’s required to pursue sport at this level and ensure that’s reflected in the classroom.” Fiona Pocock MA PGCE, Principal