Bosworth Terms and Conditions

Please note that once your registration has been accepted by Bosworth Independent College, the following terms and conditions apply:

Prices are correct at time of going to print, are kept to a minimum but will increase annually, usually in line with UK inflation.

Tuition fees include:
• All course tuition
• Enrichment activities
• Sports and social amenities
• Pastoral and academic advice and support from school staff

Boarding Fees include:
• Accommodation based on a shared room and three meals per day during term time
• Half term accommodation and meals

Fees do not include:
• Additional trips and activities outside the planned extra-curricular programme
• Subject supplements
• Specialist or individual lessons
• Airport transfers
• Exam entrance fees
• Books and stationery
• Laundry
• A non-refundable registration fee of £150

• Upon receiving the offer of a place, the deposit and registration fee must be sent with the Acceptance Reply Form in order to reserve the student’s place
• Acceptance documents and visa support documents (where applicable) will not be issued until registration payments have been received
• Students will be charged annual fees in two instalments and these must be paid by the date stated on the invoice
• Incidental expenses (items not included in the fees) will be invoiced at the end of each term. Expenses incurred during the student’s last term will be deducted from the deposit
• If a payment becomes overdue the College reserves the right to suspend or cancel tuition and to charge interest on the balance at the rate of 3% per month or part thereof

• Please ensure that the student’s name is stated on the reverse of all cheques or bank transfer documents
• If you are paying by bank transfer, please send us a copy of the bank transfer document. The College is not responsible for your bank charges
• We cannot guarantee to hold a place unless we are in receipt of half yearly fees by the payment due date

• In all cases, the registration fee of £150 will not be refunded
• The deposit monies will be lost if the student cancels their place before the start of term
• Should a student cancel within three calendar months prior to the start of term, the College have the right to retain/demand fees for the first term of study
• If a student cancels or withdraws due to a visa refusal, only the £150 registration fee will be withheld. A copy of the visa refusal letter will be required. This will only apply if all Home Office and College guidelines have been followed when applying for the visa.
• All cancellations must be made in writing

• One term’s notice, or one term’s fees in lieu of notice, is required from students intending to leave the College
• Notice must be in writing and is effective from the date it is received by the College
• The deposit will be retained if fees remain unpaid

• Tuition prices do not include exam fees
• The College will not enter students who do not perform satisfactorily during their course for external public examinations. This will be decided by their performance in homework, tutorial, attendance, coursework, internal examinations and public examination potential

• At the end of the academic year, any property left behind that is not detailed on a “luggage agreement form” will be disposed of in a manner deemed appropriate by the College
• Any bedrooms left unreasonably untidy or full of luggage needing to be moved to a storage room, will result in a charge being made to the student’s account. This is currently £50
• Students moving on to University or leaving Bosworth in the following year, must collect any stored luggage before the end of October half term, or it will be disposed of
• At the end of each term, students must tidy their rooms to allow a thorough clean to take place
• Parents and Guardians are informed that most properties are left unsupervised during the holidays, so any property left behind is at your own risk
• The College cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of personal property. Students are advised to arrange their own insurance cover

• All students must be at least 14 years old on 31st August of the year of entry
• For the one year GCSE programme, all students must be at least 15 years old on 31st August of the year of entry
• Overseas students must meet the IELTS (or equivalent) requirements as per course description. If the student does not have an IELTS score or equivalent, he/she will need to take an entry test so that we can independently assess the level of English
• All applications must be accompanied by a school report, with translations where required

• We reserve the right to change course arrangements and prices if necessary
• Courses are run subject to demand
• We reserve the right to move students to another class/course more appropriate to their academic and language level

• Your signature on the Acceptance Reply Form will be regarded as consent for staff to administer first aid, non-prescription medicine and arrange medical/dental treatment in the case of an emergency, to include anaesthetic or blood transfusions as considered necessary by the medical authorities
• You must inform us of any specific information that may have a bearing on how your child behaves or the care they need
• Failure to disclose medical information to the school and a student arriving with serious medical conditions not previously reported, who requires regular staff supervision, may result in said student being asked to return home with no refund of fees – this includes failure to update information after the medical form has been submitted

• By signing the Acceptance Reply Form, you are agreeing to the storage and use of the information you supply for the College’s purposes only and this will not be passed on to any other organisation or third party
• Your signature will also be consent to allow your child to participate in school day & weekend outings
• Photographs of children may be taken during their stay with us for use in promotional materials, such as: brochures, website and college social media. Student names may also be shown in promotional material and end of year results information. Please indicate on the Acceptance Reply Form if you are unhappy for your child’s photograph or name to be used for these purposes

• We have an international student body and all students should respect and be sensitive to other cultures, races, ethnicities and nationalities
• There is no excuse for not treating any race, culture or nationality as equal. To do so is not acceptable at our College
• All our students should feel safe and any action by someone that makes another person feel afraid or not safe is bullying. This includes the physical, the emotional, put downs, excluding someone, cyberbullying and making demands for money or possessions
• Bullying at the College is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated
• We believe everyone makes mistakes and that we should always look for ways to improve poor behaviour
• We believe that talking to people to explain why something is wrong, and getting agreement that it won’t happen again, is the best way forward
• We believe that once someone has been disciplined by the College they should be able to look forward, having learnt from the experience

• The organisation and regulations of the College are designed to service the whole community and any student joining the College is expected to abide by the college policies and rules and work to the best of their ability
• The Principal reserves the right to impose sanctions, suspend or terminate any student’s course on academic or disciplinary grounds
• Expulsion will be imposed for a very serious breach of school discipline
• Required removal will be imposed for less serious misconduct or for a non-disciplinary reason such as unwillingness or inability of the student to benefit from the educational regime of the college
• There will be no refund of fees in the case of expulsion or required removal and payment of any unpaid fees will be required
• The College has a zero tolerance policy on illegal substances
• Alcohol is not permitted on college premises
• Parents whose child is attending the College are taken to have agreed that, if in the opinion of the Principal or his designated representative, there is sufficient grounds for suspecting a student of having been in possession of, taken or distributed an illegal substance or alcohol, the student will be subject to a test. It should also be understood that a positive result or refusal to take a test will result in automatic expulsion

• Treat everyone politely and with respect • Do your best at all times
• Be on time to lessons
• Hand homework in on time
• Always speak in English on college premises
• Smoking is not permitted if you are under 18 years old. Over 18’s should not smoke on college premises except in the two permitted areas • Turn your mobile off and all electronic entertainment devices when going into a class or meeting

International students under seventeen years of age, and intending to remain in the UK for holiday periods when College accommodation is closed, must appoint a guardian living in the UK or return overseas to their family.

• Students can talk in complete confidence to their Course Director, Personal Tutor, Student Liaison Officer, Principal, Vice Principal or Head of Boarding
• We will not get upset or angry by what is said, will listen in confidence and will value your honesty
• If the complaint is serious, we can arrange for you to talk to someone outside College
• Information relating to the number of formal complaints received by the College during the last academic year is available on request

We shall not be liable for any delay or failure, in whole or part, in the execution of any of our obligations which arise from any omission, accident, event or act beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to, any Act of God (such as fire, flood, earthquake, storm, volcanic eruption or other natural disaster), war, riot, revolution, terrorist attack, civil commotion, compliance with governmental law or order, embargo, labor dispute, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes, malicious damage interruption or failure of public supplies of electricity, heating or telephone services, epidemics, pandemics or other such outbreaks of infection or disease.

Extended versions of College Policies and Procedures are available for parents on request and are contained in each student’s planner.