Current Students

Stella Miettinen

Finnish | GCSE student

“Throughout my entire school life I feel I have been hemmed in, grouped, possibly just a “quota to fill” – a statistic. My academic needs have often not been met and I have been left with large gaps in my knowledge.

But here at Bosworth, I am so much more. Here, I am a person with goals, dreams and fears. Here, I have excelled to my fullest intellectual potential through a network of amazing teachers who offer constant support. They realise my promise and drive me to exceed.

Because at Bosworth they prove I CAN and they never let me forget it!”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Above & Beyond

Leo Maltsev

Ukrainian | GCSE student

“I have already studied at another school in the UK prior to coming to Bosworth, but at Bosworth I have learnt a lot of new things and have found lessons really interesting. I have improved a great deal and I intend to continue improving thanks to the excellent teaching staff.

I am also comfortable with the level of homework as I have plenty of time to complete it either in Study Hall sessions or Evening Prep.

My favourite subject is Spanish, I already speak Ukranian, Russian, English and a little French but Spanish is becoming of real interest.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Multinational, Motivational & Supportive

Corey Markie

British | GCSE & A-level student

“You can really feel the bond with every teacher and they are very approachable. I think that any time you need help you can go and find them, so there is never anything you don’t understand by the end even if you didn’t at first.

I think I came here and I thought I would get really good results, but I didn’t expect to actually come out with becoming someone really different to how I started. I think all of my friends would say the same thing, not just about themselves, but about how much we have all grown.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Motivating, Inspiring & Life-changing

Masem Abbas

Irish | GCSE & A-level student

“I think teaching at Bosworth is different because it is more like tutorial style at university. Where due to the small classes it is more interactive, you’re actually learning, you are not just told to write stuff down.

This sets you up brilliantly for revision at the end of the year and for exams. That’s all down to the teachers as well, because they give personal attention, they are available outside of the classroom which is really important, especially at A-level.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Focused, Comfortable & Academic

Alvaro Zubeldia De Iturbide

Mexican | University Foundation Programme student

“I think what Bosworth gives their students is not just academic preparation, it also prepares them to go out into the world, live their life, take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. I believe this is how it should be.

Socially I enjoy playing football twice a week and whenever I can I go on the weekend trips. Two weeks ago I went to Cambridge and last year I went to Oxford. Getting to see more of the UK helps me to think about university life and what will come next after Bosworth.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Hard Work, International & Friendly

Bethany Alexander

British | GCSE & A-level student

“The class sizes are really small and that really works for me, you get a more personal relationship with the teachers and it really helps you to grasp what you are doing in a lesson.

Having a Personal Tutor definitely makes you feel more comfortable within Bosworth, you can always go to them no matter what, even if you want to talk about your weekend. However if you have problems, they will do their hardest to solve them.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Diverse, Motivational & Caring

Toyin Ihinmikalu

Nigerian | A-level student

“I think what I have really enjoyed most about Bosworth aside from the academic rigour is the ability to balance my work life and social life, because they give you a wide range of things to do; enrichment activities, sport etc.

Personally I play volleyball and basketball and on the weekend I sometimes jog. For enrichment I picked up French last year, so now I know a little bit of French.”

Describe Bosworth in 3 words: Multicultural, Fun & Competitive

Son Olszewski

Polish | A-level student

“As the year went on I realised I started calling the boarding house or now my senior house ‘home’, so we would go somewhere and I would say ‘I just want to go home’ and then I realised I was talking about my boarding house.

Now it is home and I especially like living in my senior house. It’s really nice and it feels more and more like I am living on my own and it is preparing me for life at university. If I am bored I can just knock on my fellow students’ house and we hang out. It’s fun!”