Summer School – 5 reasons to attend

5 ways Summer School can help your child develop life-skills

If your child attends summer school, they learn how to work with others, build meaningful relationships, accept guidance and develop decision-making skills. All of these life-skills nurture independence and confidence, creating a foundation that will serve them. From the 28th June to the 9th of August.


1 .They engage in teamwork

– they work together for the benefit of something bigger than themselves: the team. This takes attention away from “me, me, me,” and turns it toward the value of investing in others. They learn that their relationships benefit from investment, and that the team benefits as a whole, when individual relationships are strengthened. Contributing to the success of the group is empowering to each individual. Teamwork is a key element to Film Making at Bosworth Summer School.

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2. The environment teaches resilience

– one example is the ropes course, a challenging outdoor, team-building activity that you often find at summer school. Kids have to learn resilience to get through the course as they will undoubtedly fall, and have to get back up over and over. As they progress through the course their confidence builds, and in turn they accomplish a task that seems impossible… and accomplishment is always empowering.

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3. Making decisions

– new experiences grow confidence and develop good decision making skills — especially when times are new. They will learn who to accept guidance from, and how best to offer or react to advice. Encourage them to learn a new skill at Bosworth Summer School Arts & Crafts.

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4. They will try new things

– putting themselves out there, and making decisions to get through various situations. As parents, we know when children only accept comfortable situations they find themselves limited in confidence, courage, and flexibility. The actual presentation of an unfamiliar situation at summer school gives a child the opportunity to grow in ways they never would in their comfort zone. When teens learn to push themselves to grow, they begin to accumulate understanding of what it takes to be a productive and independent adult.

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5. Help your child to grow up

– while more and more our culture allows people to seek out what’s enjoyable and to avoid what’s unpleasant, summer school nudges your child to move out of their comfort zone to overcome. So while our conveniences make life easier in so many ways, there are experiences missing that provide growth, strengthening of values, confidence, and development for times of adversity. Those experiences need to come from somewhere. Would your child like to challenge themselves to improve their tennis at Bosworth Summer School?

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General English

Our General English course for 10-17 year olds can be combined with Film Making, Arts & Crafts, Tennis or Go-Karting. As well as experiencing life in the UK your child will have fun, improve their skills and make new friends!
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