GCSE Results

GCSE Results Day 2016 

Fiona Pocock, Principal at Bosworth explains, “We work with students who have a wide range of abilities and from many different backgrounds at GCSE.  I am therefore particularly pleased with this summer’s examination outcomes where some very solid foundations for future study at A-level have been laid.  Also, here at Bosworth we are able to offer a one-year or a two-year option at GCSE, so many of our students are able to achieve real success in just one-year.

We are proud of all our students, but a special mention goes to the following individuals: Matthew McNicholas has achieved an A* in History and A grades in Geography, Maths and Physics with all other subjects at grade B.  Stella Miettinen from Finland, has all A*, A to B grades. 


Thomas Morland-Nuttall (pictured left) has 2 A*s, 3 As and a B amongst his results.

Thomas told us, “I would recommend Bosworth as all the teachers are passionate about what they teach which helps with explanations as they are willing to spend more time if you don’t understand a topic. I would describe Bosworth in 3 words as friendly, diverse and focused.”

Eric Park, from South Korea has all A and B grades!  Shadow Yang has worked similarly hard in a non-native language to attain an A*, 2 As, 2 Bs and a C in English.

I congratulate all of our GCSE students on their hard work and very well-deserved results.   I am confident that they in turn would send enormous thanks to their teachers who share in their successes.”


2015 Results

We have known since September 2013 that we had an outstanding group of students who would complete their GCSE studies this summer. They have been engaged and engaging from the very start of their course: focussed, hard-working and sharing a tremendous camaraderie. The results have proved us correct!

Corey Markie has A* grades in six subjects, three As and one B, setting her on track for science A-levels in preparation for entry to a Medical School. Leann Thompson has four A*s and two A grades to add to her strong results from last summer.

Adham Elessawy, from Egypt, has two A*s and four A grades alongside his A grade in First Certificate English and Daisy Wang, from China, excelled with an A* in Mathematics, A grades in three subjects, Bs in two, including First Certificate English, and one C.

Bethany Alexander is delighted with her four A*s, three As and two Bs. We look forward to working with her from September at the start of her time as a boarding student.

Our GCSE results are a credit to the students’ hard work and the unstinting efforts of their teachers. We are delighted that such diligence has reaped rewards but above all that this group of high-achievers has taken such pleasure in reaching their goals

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