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Why choose Bosworth?

Established in 1977 as a small tutorial college, today Bosworth is one of the leading independent boarding colleges in the UK. Our excellent academic results, established university links and caring and supportive ethos have resulted in an enviable reputation around the world. Teaching at all levels is characterised by enthusiasm and passion and we pride ourselves on being a non-selective college with a proven record, both locally and overseas, for raising students’ aspirations.

Bosworth has over 320 students with each one looking forward to fulfilling their individual academic potential. With a diverse nationality mix each year, Bosworth students regularly find themselves working alongside classmates of different cultural, social and religious backgrounds. This ensures that they leave the College as well-rounded individuals with an excellent opportunity to succeed in the wider world. If you are looking to study in the UK, Bosworth can offer the breadth of knowledge and experience required for international students to excel.

Providing academic programmes for ages 14-19, Bosworth ensures a customised timetable is in place for each and every student. There are very few restrictions on subject combinations at GCSE and A-level and, with average class sizes of eight each student gets the individual attention they require to reach their academic potential. As the College builds on its successful past, it looks forward to the future educating British, European and international students within its Culture of Achievement.

Independent Schools Association (ISA)
Up until 2015 Bosworth was inspected by Ofsted, a government department charged with the responsibility for inspecting the standards of schools. You can read our latest inspection report on the Ofsted website. We have now joined the Independent Schools Association, so any future inspections will come under ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate). Members of the ISA value innovation and inspiration, building on the best traditions to promote integrity, high standards, industry and responsibility.

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